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“From Concept to Creation”

You are the artist of your home. You always started with a thorough blank canvas and as you develop your design plan, you will be balancing dreams and reality, and ultimately making those dreams come true.

Every project needs a systematic and efficient plan that directs the renovation process; a rough draft with specific details with our renovation planning, PUZZLE CONSTRUCTION gives you the advantage of having your project systematically planned and design that is well effective and meet our goals as a team. 

At Puzzle Construction, the concept floor plans and 3D renderings is available and also we deduct the cost of your planning fee for your project if we build it.


Nowadays, kitchen renovations in Homes’ and Condos’ are drastically different from the past. Usually, it started with a question of; is food preparation a social activity in your home? Do you prefer homely or informal? And the most frequent question is, how much space do you have? In these aspects it will required comprehensive and well-constructed planning to cater the drastic demands and most importantly fits the recent life-style.

In kitchen renovations it demands numerous upgrades and changes in the cooking area within the home. As well as floor plans, plumbing, access, electrical and HVAC.

There are different styles and designs when it comes to kitchen renovations. From traditional to contemporary and modern. There is also transitional style kitchen design, where style from the past will be combined to the contemporary features to create something new.

One of the common and latest kitchen renovations and design is the Open Concept and Smart Kitchen. Here, walls are teared down to create more space and bring the natural light inside also bring the kitchen as a part of the living area. The kitchen island with seating’s and large work surface acts as a social connection between kitchen and living activities, mostly kitchen countertops are now solid surface materials such as granite, stainless steel, engineered quarts and wood because it is easy to clean and decorative.

As technology are leveling up, it also entered the kitchen area. From your lighting system, to your faucet down to your appliances. 

Puzzle Construction can carry out your vision to compliment the style of your home and most importantly brings convenient to the home owner.


The bathroom has become the place of relaxation and pleasure in modern days. A look that can satisfy your need to unwind. Nearly everything that goes into the bathroom becomes a part of the structure and the materials chosen can have a great influence on the look of the room. From selection of the materials, the vanity, medicine cabinets, lightning, color and texture of tiles, paints, fixture and fittings, faucets, shower heads, water controls, bathtubs, Jacuzzi and accessories.

Overall, by the right management, materials and accessories combined all together it will create an awesome feeling, satisfaction and experience. 

Puzzle Construction can execute this task easier and convenient to meet up your desire and achieved your goal.


A basement is one or more floors of a house that are either completely or partly below the ground. Generally, it was used as a utility space or storage.

In Toronto, almost every home has basement but sadly, many are unfinished or not properly done. Usually you can see poorly insulated basement, used of substandard materials, unauthorized electrical and plumbing work and along with other irregularities.

On the other hand, a basement can be used in almost exactly the same manner as an additional above- ground floor of the house. The most common basement renovations was converting it into recreational/entertainment room. Nowadays, the most common basement renovation is converting it into residential rental space to make a profit and turned into a well complex and functional area. One of the most important element in basement renovation is lightning and painting due to the shortage of natural light. 

Puzzle Construction can help you with underpinning, water proofing, sub-flooring, upgrading insulation, wet bars, laundry rooms and of course the open concept.


An addition or renovation can be a great way to utilize all the remaining space and upgrade it into more flexible and useful to meet your modern lifestyle. Puzzle construction are happy to extend our help, to look, access and figure out what is the best change for you and your home. Puzzle construction will ensure all legal documents/ permits that meet the cities by laws and all aspects for home extension and addition renovations.

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