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The modern concept of the kitchen

The modern concept of the kitchen nowadays is pretty much a representation of a typical layout in old house kitchens. The original footprints usually have a wall that divides the kitchen and dining room at the back of the house and it has a hallway leading to the space.

We almost always remove the dividing wall and add a large peninsula and relocate the sink to this area with the dishwasher.
Heating vents are relocated, along with the electrical, unless there are boiler pipes.
The exterior walls are reframed and insulated with spray foam, and we put the fridges to the end wall.
Stoves are placed such that there is space on each side for food preparation and cooking.
Proper lighting is added and durable flooring. 

The result, is much more functional kitchen that are in tune on how we currently live today.
A space to work, cook, entertain, and the daily life routines are made much better.


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